Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor cameras are surveillance devices that can record criminal activity. They usually offer two-way talk and night vision, as well as HD resolution. Wireless or wired installations are available.

We learned about outdoor security cameras that have integrated features such as motion-activated floodlights and sirens. This would allow them to scare off any criminal before it could do any harm. Best of all, the top five security camera brands are all crisp in video recordings, with infrared night vision being the standard.

5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras

CameraPriceResolutionField of ViewMonthly Plan
Ring Cameras$99.99+Up to 1080pMax of 140°$3.00+
Nest Cam$179.99+Up to 1080pMax of 130°$6.00+
Arlo Security Cameras$179.99+Up to 2160pMax of 180°$2.99+
Blink Outdoor$99.99+Up to 1080pMax of 110°$4.99+
Lorex Security Cameras$99.99+Up to 2160pMax of 160°N/A

Our selection of the best outdoor security cameras

1. Lorex – Best Overall Outdoor Cam

Lorex security cameras were higher quality than home security cams and had a better range. The resolution on Lorex was 4k. Some of the models cost 159 dollars and are weatherproof.

The Lorex system has a two-way voice, geofencing, and other special features. The system also activates if it hears noise from off-screen activity or motion. With the Lorex we can record continuously or activate only when there is noise or motion.

DIY Monitoring and Installation

Lorex Technology offers a wide range of security cameras for this requires mains power or battery powered. Generally, the batteries will need to be changed every four months. For durable cameras with high performance, Lorex Technology was a top-rated brand. Their website had the best selection of outdoor security cameras including single cameras, camera sets, and bundles with high resolution monitors.

2. Nest – Best DIY Outdoor Cam

Nest security cams are easy to set up, regardless of your needs. For example, Nest Cam Battery ($179.99) works off of batteries, so you don’t need to plug it in. And while the other outdoor camera, the Nest Cam Floodlight works better with a hardwired setup. If you buy the Nest Cam Floodlight, it comes with complete mounting accessories, including wire connectors and mounting plates. It also comes with included screws for installation. Since its hardwired, you never have to take down the Nest Cam Floodlight to recharge it.


Nest security cameras were compatible with Google Assistant, and you can do a variety of things with it. With just a line of command, you can live-stream and save your video to your tablet, or use Chromecast TV.

Nest is the best option for a DIY video surveillance system because of the continuous recording feature and the competitive price of $6 per month. Another benefit is that it comes with professional installation, which only costs $79.