Home’s security vulnerabilities

Our homes are supposed to be a place of security and peace, but too many people’s reality is anything but this. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglars.

Some ways to make your home more secure include investing in a home security system, switching out light bulbs, and placing stickers on windows. These are just three of the many different options for making your home more secure.

Hiding Spare Keys

Homeowners should do everything in their power to deter a burglar from entering their property. To protect yourself from burglaries, it is better not to hide the key in an obvious location such as at the front entryway mat. Burglars naturally search for the key and your property will be targeted.

If a criminal really wants to find your hide-a-key, they just need to observe how you enter the home. They will then know where they should look. Buy smart home locks that allow you to change the sequence of your keys, rather than using a key hider.

Lack of Lighting

Darkness is a criminal’s best friend and their favorite time for attempted entry into a home. The light inside guides burglars to whether or not someone is home and the lack of outside light can be used as a perfect cover.

Well-placed lights can illuminate your yard and the interior of your home. Don’t choose static lights but instead motion sensor lights that activate when a person approaches the area. These may be able to alert and surprise prowlers while putting attention on the monitored area.

Pet Doors & Garage Doors

New technology for pets allow them to come and go as they please for convenience. However, if a stranger is able to gain access to your dog’s collar, he/she may be able to use your doggy door to enter your home.

The same thing goes for garage doors. Most people do not think about locking the door to the house if their garage door is already down. Thieves have one less barrier in their way.

Window Vulnerability

When you are away from home, be sure to close all access points. This includes windows and doors, but also your garage door.